XML standard for the markup of legal sources
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Legal Atlas 0.9b

12 mei 2014

Legal Atlas is a tool for viewing both spatial regulations and the associated geospatial information in the form of maps. It is a showcase of how MetaLex integration with existing standards, such as GML and OWL, can result in robust and feature-rich knowledge management solutions. Please read the included license.

Legal Atlas is being developed within the project Digitale Uitwisseling Ruimtelijke Plannen (DURP; digital exchange of spatial plans), initiated by the Dutch government. Legal Atlas enables dynamic references between spatial regulations (encoded in MetaLex format) and the associated geospatial information. This information is encoded using IMRO2006, the Dutch government standard for XML exchange of spatial plans. It is compatible with GML 3.1.
References between texts and plans are resolved via SPARQL queries on OWL models of both the regulation and the relevant geospatial information. These models are included in the distribution.

The current 0.9b version is in BETA stage, but is still under development. Please read the user guide provided below. Legal Atlas has been tested to work under Windows XP and Java 1.5. Older versions of Java will probably cause problems. Legal Atlas is an open source application, and depends on the OpenJUMP GIS application (licensed under GPL), and the Jena SemanticWeb framework.

Please visit the LegalAtlas download repository at:
http://relay.leibnizcenter.org/ (login: public, pass: public)