XML standard for the markup of legal sources
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Metalex V1.3

12 mei 2014


  • metalex-v1.3.zip


  • General update release of MetaLex.

Changes since previous release:

  • Four attribute groups have been added: identity attributes, descriptor attributes, temporal attributes, extended temporal attributes. All are optional.
  • Several elements have been added: JudicialDecision, AdministrativeDecision, InformalPart, Metadata.
  • Translations of the new elements have been added to the Dutch vocabulary. There is now also an incomplete Hungarian vocabulary.
  • There is a new translation of metalex into OWL.
  • Several bugs involving import statements have been fixed. Note that some versions of some validators may still complain about the import statement for XML. This statement is non-essential for the schema, and can be changed in order to suppress a warning in your validator of choice. See the comment in the schema files.
  • We have put some thought into the use of URI and URN resolvers, resulting in some small changes in the interpretation of attributes, and the addition of some new ones in the aforementioned attribute groups.
  • Metalex now really supports XLink.
  • All types in the schema have been renamed: we added the suffix _Type to distinguish the type names from the element names.

Please visit the MetaLex download repository at http://draco.leibnizcenter.org/relay (login: public, pass:public)